Congratulations to Audrey for placing 11th in the Rocket City Junior Math Mania Tournament! Thanks to everyone who participated. We had a great day and numerous top twenty/twenty five placers! :)

Congrats to Audrey, Liela, Liza, Emma, Claire, and Deja for placing 5th at the Grissom Math Tournament! Congratulations also to Bailey, Afura, Auset, Samuel, Joelle, Joy, Kinleigh, Reid, Deanna, Amanda, and Shubh for placing 4th in the Pre-Algebra Division!Thanks to everyone who participated! It was another great day!

Congrats to the following students who SWEPT the awards at the ACTE math tournament. What a great way to end our season! We’ve grown so much! :)

Individual Awards:

7th Grade- 2nd Place: Joelle Kim, 1st Place: Deanna Dailey and Joy Wang

8th Grade- 3rd Place: Prudvi Gadireddy, Miller Cochran, Rhett Moseley, Liza Sumner, Claire Chastain; 2nd Place: Rohit Yalamati;  1st Place:  Lane Corder, Audrey Albritton

Team Awards:

6th Grade-  3rd Place:  Shubh Malholtra, Amanda Pruett, Manas Gangasani, Jackson Cobble, Chase Howell

7th Grade- 1st Place: Joelle Kim, Joy Wang, Deanna Dailey, Bailey Cowart, Matthew Kowlczyk

8th Grade-  2nd Place:  Claire Chastain, Audrey Albritton, Liza Sumner, Deja Woods;  1st Place:  Rohit Yalamati, Miller Cochran, Prudvi Gadireddy, Rhett Mosely, Lane Corder


Tests and PowerPoints from practice:  Distance Rate Time Problems Permutations and Combinations  7th grade Cedar Ridge Test 2010 8th grade Cedar Ridge Test 2010 Changing Bases Pythagorean Triples

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  1. Claire Says:

    Hey MisMisskelly!! this is Claire yo. You told me to put the backwards order of operations thing on here? So….
    (that sounds like a party i would go to!!)
    Also….. do we have Math Team next Tuesday?

  2. Claire Says:

    darn i put MisMisskelly…… I meant MissMiskelly!

  3. megamath Says:

    :) It’s Mrs. Putt now Claire! :)

  4. bailey Says:

    hey mrs Putt!!! Im glad that you are embracing all of your nicknames like;putt putt ,golf,putt putt golf and all the others! happy turkey day!

  5. Claire Says:

    Are we going to have math team next week since we have the band practice that afternoon?

  6. Claire Says:

    Do we have math team practice next Tuesday? Cause the band has practice after school!

  7. megamath Says:

    We are still going to practice, but we will miss you all! :)

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